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AWFFull v3.10.2

Couple of bug fixes backport'ed from trunk, and we have a new release of AWFFull!

AWFFull v3.10.2!

Fixes to the Daily Average that... erm... wasn't averaging Smile; and some issues with "dump"ing Search Strings or Agents.


All Cars Should Be Banned

Was reading a report earlier. Road Safety Fact Sheet: Children Jan. 2008; WA Govt. Is interesting in a morbid way.

Were you, dear reader, aware that according to West Australian Government figures, about 17 children are killed every year, over a 10 year average via motor vehicles? That's just in West Australia by the way, not all of Australia. Most killed - slightly greater than 10 per year - as  passengers in vehicles.

AWFFull v3.10.1

Whoops. Missed an announce again.

AWFFull v3.10.1 is out.

The was mainly a change to using GPLv3+ for the licensing. But also includes some new flags.


Sysadmin Shell Joy: Renaming Archived logs to useful names

One of the things that (mildly) irritates me about sysadmining Unix boxes is the log rotation. ie /var/log/messages gets rotated to /var/log/messages.1 then finally /var/log/messages.2.gz.

AWFFull v3.9.1

Yay. A year since the last stable release and finally, AWFFull v3.9.1 is out.

Heaps of changes since v3.8.2; just a couple of minor fixes since v3.9.1-beta3. Check out the Changes for the details.

The big add since v3.8.2 is Segmentation. Simple at this stage - is a starter to really go crazy, but it's now there.


AWFFull v3.9.1-beta3

It's possible you're wondering what happened to announcements for 3.9.1-alpha1, beta1 and beta2? Yeah. Me too. Smile

In any event, AWFFull 3.9.1-beta3 is released and ready for your downloading pleasure.

Get it while it's hot.


On manually migrating a subversion repository to Launchpad/BZR

I'd migrated one of my projects here (AWFFull ) from subversion to a bazaar repository hosted on Launchpad some time ago.

Works well, but were a few  niggles and tricks in the process.

  • all the code imported  as 'steve' - which is accurate Laughing but a little deflating to ones ego.
  • imported some of my earlier faffing around with subversion - again isn't a problem per-se, but would have been nice to clean it away.

So when it came time to migrating DNSHistory , I figured I'd have a go at fixing these niggles. Herein are the steps used.

KDE konqueror - not showing image previews

One of those "blindingly obvious with hindsight" problems.

Problem: When browsing all our digitized images I noticed that many were not showing up as preview icons. Entire directories of images would have no previews, yet others would have 2 or 3 of 30+; others would have all.


Google-Fu wasn't remotely successful. But did lead to the right place.

Konqueror ; Settings ; Configure Konqueror...

Scroll down to "Previews & MetaData"

Underneath the box of protocols to choose from "Select Protocols" is a horizontal slider.

"Maximum File Size". It's not obvious what this means or does from context or name. On my system that was having the issue, this was set to 1Mb. Increased to 5Mb and the problems went away.

Obviously, with the benefit of hindsight, what this actually means is the Maximum File Size to enable a preview to occur. Doh!

Should we simplify the AWFFull man page, and leave all config file options documented in the sample.conf file?

29% (2 votes)
57% (4 votes)
Maintain as it currently is
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Steve you're such a legend, whatever you feel like doing is fine with me.
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7

AWFFull v3.8.2

A week ago I released AWFFull v3.8.1. At long last!!!!

A few minor, mainly cosmetic bugs fixed later, and v3.8.2 is ready to roll!


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