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The latest Production Release is v3.10.2, released on the 13th of December 2008: awffull-3.10.2.tar.gz

AWFFull - A Webalizer Fork, Full o' features!

AWFFull is a webserver log analysis tool. Mainly used to produce simple reports, it can also be used as the starting point for more detailed Web Analytics.

The output produced is a series of simple HTML pages and images,making it trivial to access the reports from practically any web browser. No additional configuration or set-up is necessary.

AWFFull does produce "at a glance" metrics to help identify problem areas within a site.

The released version includes simple segmentation to further drive from only Reporting into true Web Analytics.

AWFFull is a fork of the venerable Webalizer log analysis program.


To successfully build AWFFull requires four additional libraries:

While not required to run AWFFull, the GeoIP API can be included for greater accuracy with Country detection.

NOTE! Issues related to not getting any text on graphs are probably due to an incomplete system build/setup/install. eg. Using a cut-down version of GD that doesn't include support for TrueType Fonts. See the README and/or INSTALL files for more details.