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AWFFull Latest Changes

The latest Production Release is v3.10.2, released on the 13th of December 2008: awffull-3.10.2.tar.gz

Release version 3.10.2 fixes a couple of minor bugs.

  • Daily Average counts on the main page being not-averaged
  • "dump"ing of Search Strings; and Agents was only dumping partial results

Release version 3.10.1 is a minor release in the code scheme of things - no changes. Is a big change in that this release has a primary focus on moving the licensing of AWFFull to GPLv3+.
Oh yes. And some new flags have been added. But GPLv3+ is the biggie. :-)

With the release of the version 3.9.x series, a major change has been brought to AWFFull - segmentation. At this stage is limited to country and/or referring Host/Site. This is a fairly major feature improvement, as one can far more easily do true website analysis, vs simple reporting.

  • The big feature add has been Segmentation. At this stage, purely by Country and/or Referring Host
  • The documentation source is now in DocBook XML - making it easier to access the documentation in any format
  • The documentation has had a major rewrite and reorganisation. Is now split into two man pages: awffull.1 and awffull.conf.5
  • The default font used for the graphs has changed to "sans" from "Helvetica"
  • Revisited Internationalisation - now use LANGUAGE to override
  • Lots of minor fixes and cleanups

With version 3.8.1, there have been a lot of changes. Both to back end code maintainability, as well as front end improvements. Some of the more visible changes are various ratios and starter Analytics taken from the book: Web Site Measurement Hacks. Eric T. Peterson (and others). O'Reilly. ISBN 0-596-00988-7

  • Add "Single Access Pages" to the Entry Pages table.
  • Add "Stickiness" to Entry Pages table.
  • Add the ratio of Entry Pages to Exit pages. Is an approximation for "Popularity".
  • The Daily (by hour) graph is now near identical to the Monthly (by day) graph. Also uses the same code.
  • Put "Sites" on the Daily (by hour) graph and table.
  • Put "Sites Per Day" on the Monthly Summary Report.
  • Deprecate the Quiet and VeryQuiet options
  • Remove the Bookmarks feature. Was no longer even remotely accurate.
  • Major internal changes to use of Global Variables to improve code readability
  • Lots of functionalising of the main loop code to again improve code readability.
  • Improvements to the Grouping code - this can have a substantial performance improvement if you use extensive grouping.
  • The pick-up inclusion of the current directory config file has been removed.
  • Lots of fixes and verification effort into the sanity of the numbers generated.
  • Lots of other assorted fixes and minor updates.

There have been quite a few changes in the move from v3.6.1 to v3.7.5:

  • Add support for the GeoIP API's for country detection
  • Add the ability to display Country Flags in the Country table.
    • See the INSTALL file for details
  • Fix a nasty segfault and apply some patches from Debian Webalizer for possible buffer overflows
  • Minor update to the GeoIP usage. Stop DNS calls being made.
  • autoconf fix - proper compilation options now selected. Can improve speed by ~ 13%. YMMV.
  • Fix for the auto log detection. Was dropping into Domino when it shouldn't.
  • Quite a few spelling corrections in various documents
  • 3.7.2 is purely a fix release over 3.7.1
  • 3.7.3 removes most of the translations for country names (Australia == ?) that AWFFull will output when run under a language other than English. This was necessary as it was discovered that many of the translations for country were very incorrect. It was felt better to not be there than wrong.
  • 3.7.4-beta1 brings in TrueType Font support into all graphs. This also allows for native character set support in the graphs.
  • 3.7.4-beta1 has some automated, via kbabel, translations for country names, as were removed in v3.7.3. These are marked "fuzzy" and hence not immediately accessible.
  • 3.7.4-beta2 has a range of fixes. Mostly related to the more automated detection of truetype font usage
  • 3.7.4-beta3 mainly focussed on fixing the display of Japanese text in the graphs as part of the truetype font upgrades
  • 3.7.4 has a principal fix for a security hole in the All Search Phrases report. Some additional fixes for fonts and German translations.
  • 3.7.5 mainly fixes the Page counts missing from the All Sites report, as well as adding the pt_BR translation.