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AWFFull Demonstrations

The latest Production Release is v3.10.2, released on the 13th of December 2008: awffull-3.10.2.tar.gz


We have several demonstrations for your viewing pleasure and to show off some of the output capabilities of AWFFull.

AWFFull Grid Less Tables Demonstration Sample

A subset of the 3.8.1-beta1 demonstration, here we see a rather different view of awffull's output. This is purely a CSS change from the default style, the main focus being the removal of practically all grid lines in the tables. Allowing the eye to be drawn to the patterns in the tables themselves.

While not shown here, this grid less view is extremely effective when combined with a multiple year view on the front page of an AWFFull report.

AWFFull v3.8.1-beta1 Grid Less Demonstration

AWFFull v3.8.1 Demonstration Sample

This demonstrations introduces the features (and bugs...) in AWFFull v3.8.1-beta1. On the individual Monthly Summary Pages note the new derived data with the Entry and Exit reports.

AWFFull v3.8.1-beta1 Demonstration

AWFFull Swedish Demonstration Sample

Two features of note in this example. 1. The output is Swedish, and hence see the funky character sets used. & 2. The change to using TrueType Fonts in the various Graphs.

Swedish & TTF Demonstration

AWFFull Simple CSS Demonstration Sample

This demonstration is a complete set of reports for this site from March 2004 till late August 2006. The only change to the defaults has been via the default stylesheet and an additional image for the header. This particular demonstration has been deliberately created to blend in with the theme used with this web site. Otherwise much the same as pre-3.7.1 look.

CSS Simple Changes Demonstration

AWFFull Default Demonstration Sample

The pre-3.7.1 default look. A single month only.

Default Demonstration

Several of these demonstrations are essentially using the same data files. Obviously the default being very much a subset of the CSS demonstration. Hopefully you can get an idea of just how easy is it to do major visual changes to the default layout and look of AWFFull.