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The AWFFull webserver log analysis software

AWFFull v3.7.4 Final!

AWFFull v3.7.4 is now available for your enjoyment!

Apologies for the delayed update: This version was released last night.

The big news is a fix for a subtle security bug as part of the move to using PCRE's.

Other fixes?

./configure override for setting Truetype Fonts used on graphs; Updated German Translation thanks to Andreas Schoenberg and a sample.conf entry for MSIE7 Detection, again thanks to Andreas.

AWFFull v3.7.4-beta3

AWFFull v3.7.4-beta3 is now available for your enjoyment!

Minor changes, unless you choose to see your text in Japanese. The graphs have been updated to display the truetype fonts with Japanese correctly positioned.

The other change has been some additional bounds checks in the Agent detection code (Mangling). Shouldn't impact anyone or thing, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to add.


AWFFull v3.7.4-beta2

AWFFull v3.7.4-beta2 was released yesterday.

Mostly a series of minor fixes around the truetype detection and handling to cope with less recent/up-to-date systems.
Some fixes to the NLS detection (internationalisation) to get around issues with systems that define all sorts of LC_ environment settings.
And lastly a series of more rigorous checks to the agent mangling to keep everything within set boundaries.


AWFFull v3.7.4-beta1

Afternoon All!, or morning, or night or....

3.7.4-beta1 is uploaded and ready for your testing pleasure.

The main fix is the inclusion of TrueType Fonts onto all graphs. There are some nasty gotchas around this, hence the beta status. ie I know Japanese display is broken when shifted from Horizontal to Vertical. There may be others that do odd things.

Also, this release includes the automated translations via kbabel for several languages as mentioned previously.

Some minor code clean-ups. Nothing to get excited about - stylistic, not life changing. Smile
And a couple of minor fixes to move various warnings from "every time" to at least a "-v".

I've put a demo up of the "new look", in Swedish. Why Swedish? it simply happened to be the first LANG=... in my history when I was generating the demo. Smile


AWFFull v3.7.3

This is a release probably only of value to those who run AWFFull in a language other than English.
Sadly, it appears that several of the country names in the translation files are not correct.

In the interests of preferring correct to wildly misleading, practically all country name translations have been removed.

Only fi, sv, uk and de languages have been left alone, as they've been recently submitted, and not generated from the original upstream source.

Additionally, Malay has been removed. Can't find the original source, so have chosen to play it safe and remove entirely.

The final change has been to convert all country translations to UTF-8. This may help those with funkier character sets. eg Norwegian. Some of the 3.7.2 and prior translations had been munged, they should all now be fixed and displaying correctly. Except in the graphs which is a known bug.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

A tale of Hyperbole, Incompetence and Bullying

Well well well. We do live in interesting times.

This evening while checking my Google Alerts I discovered, to my great surprise, that the various global software Security Research Firms are phenomenally incompetent.

You'll love this!

Apparently, and despite all their best efforts, these so called Security Researchers have been unaware of a "High Risk", Local and Remotely exploitable vulnerability in just about every Linux and or Unix based webserver on the entire Internet!!!! I've got screen shots to prove it!

For how long has this vulnerability been around? Would you believe 2 days? No? How about 2 weeks? No? Try nearly 5 years and probably longer! No? Pity, cause according to them that's the truth! Amazing isn't it. I'll probably wear out the shift and 1 key's on my keyboard at this rate.

Internet Armageddon Comes. Behold. I am the prophet of our DOOM!

AWFFull v3.7.2

Have just pushed out AWFFull 3.7.2. This is a bug fix only release from 3.7.1 and recommended upgrading to. Especially if you do any internationalistion work.

Major fixes include:

  • Remove more segfaults and possible buffer overflows. These seem concentrated in the Internationalisation code.
  • Fix enabling of Internationalisation in the first place. Nasty break from 3.6.1.
  • Some updated translations (Finnish, Ukrainian, Swedish)

Enjoy! awffull-3.7.2!

AWFFull v3.7.1 Released!

Despite being delayed by a Crayon Incident [1] this morning, I've at long last managed to finally release v3.7.1 final!
The changes from beta3 are purely in documentation, spelling mistakes mainly.

The changes from 3.6.1 are fairly substantial:

  • Add support for the GeoIP API's for country detection
  • Display Country Flags for additional prettiness
  • A few backend fixes for stability, speed and correctness.

Enjoy! AWFFull v3.7.1

[1] Stopping the first incident with a 3yo who has access to crayons from drawing on the walls is right up there with Stopping The Tide, IMHO. Note for other parents who have not yet experienced this delight: WD40 is a great remover.
What you're not seeing is the additonal 6 large concentric rings of (pretty good actually!) circles on several other walls. I thought he was a bit quiet....

AWFFull v3.7.1-beta3

That wasn't good. One missing null terminator and the entire country code detection breaks quite nicely.


So out goes a quick fix for beta3. Apologies for the inconvenience.

AWFFull v3.7.1-beta3

AWFFull v3.7.1-beta2

Quite a few bug fixes in this release. Some serious, some more cosmetic.

* Fix a nasty segfault and apply some patches from Debian Webalizer for possible buffer overflows
* Minor update to the GeoIP usage. Stop DNS calls being made.
* autoconf fix - proper compilation options now selected. Can improve speed by ~ 13%. YMMV.
* Fix for the auto log detection. Was dropping into Domino when it shouldn't.

And a few others.

Get it now! AWFFull v3.7.1-beta2

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