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The AWFFull webserver log analysis software

AWFFull v3.7.1-beta1

Just a couple of minor changes on this release.
1. Added country flags to the country table. Why? Because I could and it looked cute. :-)
See here for a demo.

2. Integrated the GeoIP API into AWFFull. This should help stem the flood of requests for that feature. :-)

By default neither of these features is enabled in any output or use. Mainly to maintain the principle of least surprise.


AWFFull v3.6.1 Released!

This is the announcement of the release of AWFFull v3.6.1.

There are no changes from v3.6.1-beta1 to 3.6.1, beyond that necessary for a version increment.

To recap, 3.6.1 includes the gettext libraries allowing for easy translations between multiple languages. Removing one of the bigger bugbears with Webalizer - namely that of having to recompile to get a different language.


$ LANG=de_DE awffull -v
awffull 3.6.1 (Linux German
Verwende Protokolldatei STDIN
Erzeuge Dateien in dem aktuellen Verzeichnis
Rechnername fr Bericht ist 'asterix'
Using CSS file: awffull.css
Datei mit historischen Daten nicht gefunden...


$ awffull -v
awffull 3.6.1 (Linux English
Using logfile STDIN
Creating output in current directory
Hostname for reports is 'asterix'
Using CSS file: awffull.css
History file not found...

Have at it! AWFFull v3.6.1

AWFFull v3.6.1-beta1

Finally! I manage to finish and get 3.6.1-beta1 out the door. The main work was completed nearly a month ago, just with various other activies it's been slow to get the polish and hence package, completed.

Anyway, it's done now. This version has a major focus on getting gettext (Internationalisation) working. To a variable degree, about 32 languages are supported "out of the box".

Get it now! AWFFull 3.6.1-beta1

AWFFull v3.5.1

Not much in the way of changes from 3.5.1-beta2 to this release - just a near trivial fix for Domino log processing.

In any event, 3.5.1 is now final.

Thanks to all those who've helped getting it out the door!

AWFFull v3.5.1

AWFFull v3.5.1-beta2

Just pushed up the latest beta to AWFFull 3.5.1.
Big news is the addition of Lotus Domino v6 log support. Thanks to Tobias Fonsmark for his request and assistance in getting it together.

Couple of critical bugs fixed too.

AWFFull v3.5.1-beta2

AWFFull v3.5.1-beta1

A new beta of AWFFull was released last night. v3.5.1-beta1.

This release is mainly a bug fix release. Things like Squid and FTP log analysis and others.

AWFFull v3.5.1-beta1

AWFFull v3.4.3

Well that was a shocker. Missed putting up a quick story about the release of AWFFull 3.4.1.
Finally release 3.4.2 with a couple of minor fixes.
Manage to introduce a segfault and a minor(ish) memory leak.

So quickly push out 3.4.3.

So, here 'tis. AWFFull v3.4.3 all ready and raring to go.

AWFFull v3.4.1-beta1

Whew! With great help from Alex and Pat, we've finally finished awffull-3.4.1-beta1.
The two biggies IMHO are 1. CSS and starting to XHTMLise and 2. GroupAndHideXXXX options.
Nothing like doing massive amounts of GroupXXX and HideXXX additions to ones config to really increase the desire for a Better Way(tm).

Awffull now also has a discussion list. Feel free to join, ask questions and proffer suggestions, improvements and even patches if that tickles your fancy.
Join here.

AWFFull v3.3.1

No changes, just a version increment from 3.3.1-beta2 to 3.3.1.

AWFFull v3.3.1-beta1

AWFFull v3.3.1-beta1 has just been released.
This release has some fairly significant changes. Not least being tracking or 404's and their referrals.
Additionally, there has been a significant increase in speed, with an increase of around 50% being not uncommon. YMMV!


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